Hand-Crafted Glycerin Soaps

In 7 Fantastic fragrances



Our glycerin soap is made with 10% goat's milk added for a smooth creamy texture.
Color may vary depending on the fragrance added.
  Hand-Crafted Glycerin Soaps These beautiful hand-crafted soaps make greyt gifts any time of year, and at these prices, make greyt stocking stuffers.
  We currently offer 7 different fragrances.  Please specify desired fragrance(s) when ordering. 
  Oatmeal, Milk and Honey - Our best selling scent is warm and inviting, reminiscent of your grandma's warm kitchen on a snowy day.
Coconut - If you like a coconut fragrance, this is the one for you.  Caribbean beaches beckon!     
Vanilla, Vanilla - Rich and buttery with tropical overtones.  Darkens beautifully to a rich tan with age.
Spicy Apples and Peaches - A wonderful fall scent.  Cinnamon spicy but light and fruity with a dab of peach.
Citrus Splash - An invigorating blend of sweet and tart elements of citrus, especially tangerine, orange, and grapefruit.
Red Clover Tea - A delicious herbal tea scent, delicately sweet with notes of fruit.
Bayberry Spice - A greyt scent for the holidays.  Warm and spicy with clove notes, this one brings back Christmas memories.

Sizes: Prices:    
4 ounce rectangular
3 ounce oval
3 ounce bone
Guest size 2 ounce oval
Guest size 1 ounce bone
$2.00, 3 for $5.00
$1.00, 6 for $5.00

To order, please specify size, style and fragrances requested, as well as the quantities for each, by E-Mailing us.  Simply click here.  We'll prepare an E-Mail invoice, and you can pay us through PayPal, or send us a check.  Either way, we'll send out your order as soon as we receive payment.