Tribbles and HeartThrobs

Smaller stuffies for those who prefer them.




These delightful small stuffies are made with the same quality materials and sturdy construction as our World Famous Mother Bunny Bunnies.  Their smaller size makes them greyt as "carry toys".  Our son's yellow lab Charlie will walk around with her Tribble for hours.  She'll drop it in front of her water dish, take a drink, and walk away with the Tribble.  Maybe your dog prefers the shape of a HeartThrob.


We  never know what styles of fabrics we will have available at any given time.  The photos here are representative of fabrics that we have had.  Since the mills constantly are changing their fabrics, we buy what is available.  If you drop us an E-Mail, we'll be glad to let you know what is now in stock.  Just choose the Tribbles or HeartThrobs of your choice, we'll prepare an E-Mail invoice (including shipping costs), and we'll rush the bunnies to you as soon as we receive payment.

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    A collection of HeartThrobs and Tribbles    
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    HeartThrobs are 5 inches high, with a large squeaker Tribbles are round, 5 inches high, with a large squeaker