About Us

Some information about Aid 4 Greys and the people behind it.



A brief History

Aid 4 Greys was founded in 2005, because we felt there was a need in the greyhound community for a company that was committed to both supporting the greyhound rescue groups, and greyhound owners as well. Aid 4 Greys President, Lee Tauriello (AKA Mother Bunny) had been working with an organization for several years, making bunnies.

Pat Lewandowski became her helper shortly after adopting Alibi. This was Pat's first greyhound, whereas Lee had been adopting for quite a few years. After witnessing Pat's sewing prowess, Lee brought her an old collar, and said "Can you figure out how to make one of these?"

So out came the scissors and the measuring tape, and the components were soon laid out on the table. It probably took Pat about 2 minutes to figure out how it was made, so the next task was to find out where to get all the parts. Dozens of fabric stores and hardware stores later, we had at least an idea of what we were getting ourselves into.


The first production run of collars was obviously small, using materials purchased locally.  We took these to a local rescue group for their reunion, and sold almost $300.  We knew then, that we had done something right!


Now, 10 years later, we have sold thousands of collars, each and every one sewed lovingly by Pat.  Thank God she is retired, because she has a full-time job with Aid 4 Greys. But more importantly, we've donated over $200,000 to rescue groups.


Pat's husband Stan has become the reluctant Webmaster, still struggling with HTML, and has even learned to put the webbing in collars, and stuff Bunnies.

We have travelled East, West, North and South, met so many wonderful folks in groups across the nation. As we've grown older, we are not traveling as much, so much of our sales are wholesale to rescue groups all over the country, and even in Europe. So if you see some of our products being sold by these fine folks, go ahead and buy some. In this way, the rescue group is making the profit, and it's going to help them do what they do best, rescuing these wonderful hounds.


Our product line not only includes our Mother Bunny Bunnies, smaller toys, inlcuding Tribbles, HeartThrobs, and our newest addition, GreytBones, and hundreds of fashionable AnyWear Collars, and now has expanded to include Leashes. 

Please check out all of our merchandise pages, and remember, we are all volunteers.  Every cent of profit goes to greyhound rescue.