Shopping carts are at the bottom of each collar page.  You can order from multiple pages on a single order by clicking on the "Continue Shopping" button on the PayPal Shopping Cart Page.  Shipping will be automatically calculated.

If you would like to place an order for any of our other greyt merchandise, you will be doing something wonderful for the greyhounds who are still looking for their forever homes.  For all items other than collars, we must manually calculate shipping charges, therefore shopping carts are not available, so please follow the instructions below:

1. Email your order to:


For AnyWear Collars (For Special orders only, E Mail us first with neck and head measurements. All of our collars are sized for greyhounds, so neck and head measurements are not needed, unless you want collars for other breeds. Click here for measuring instructions)
For Bunnies Quantity
Category (Woodland, A to Zoo, or Wild Hares)
Bunny Name (and color where applicable)

E Mail the above information along with your name and shipping address.

We will send you a Confirmation by E Mail, with availability, and your total cost including shipping.  Once you have received our Confirmation...

If you want to pay by check, please do the following:

Mail your check for the total amount to:
    Aid 4 Greys
    42737 W Ocean Breeze Dr
    Maricopa, AZ 85238

If you want to pay by Credit Card:

Go to  (If you are not yet a PayPal member, you'll have to sign up first.  There is no fee for signing up with PayPal.)  Click on Send Money, and in the Recipient's E-Mail: box, type in In the amount box, include the total purchase price. In the note section, please include your name and shipping address again.



Please note that shipping charges are not a "profit center" for Aid4Greys.  We are just hoping to cover our expenses.